Beginning Anew

Gottta happen sometime right? So here we go. New blog, new adventures, none of the expense.

Now, if only I could somehow use this to find me an eligible bachelor willing to take care of me, love me, worship me, and all the fun stuff — it could be interesting!


17 thoughts on “Beginning Anew

  1. I’m trying to do an export/import of the other site, but it doesn’t want to export for some reason. I kinda think I may be shit outta luck on that one. Oh well. I do have the site backed up for posterity. You know, in case anyone is interested. Sigh.

    Now I have to build blogrolls and other crap. It’s going to take time. I may need to be shot before all is said and done.

  2. If that bachelor has a twin or a brother or a friend or even knows a somebody who knows somebody….send him my way. πŸ™‚ Glad you’re still going to be around blogging.

  3. Tina, if I found a good man with a brother/cousin/uncle/friend, I’d pass word along for sure!

    As for blogging, can’t see giving it up. It’s been 9.5 years. Why stop now?

  4. I asked Linda Lou if I could keep you as a pet. She didn’t answer, just checked the loads on her .38. I’m not quite sure what that means, I simply snuck out of the room. I’ll let you know if she says “yes”.

  5. I’d double check that .38! And thanks for asking her. I need supervision right now. It’s obvious I have failed in my ability to take care of myself. I’m fine taking care of other people, but me? Nah! Ha! That would be sensible.

  6. Always good to begin anew. WordPress is a nice platform, even in its free version. And these days free has a lot going for it. Now start pushing your posts to a DaGoddess Tumblr account (great for photos, btw) and Twitter and you’ll never miss the old domain.

    Welcome to the new digs!

    Da Nukevet

  7. Yay! Glad you came by. Couldn’t find your link…so now you’re on the blogroll! Not goin’ tumblr, I got Flickr. Can only manage so much, y’know? As for twitter, I’m there….joaniephotos if yer interested.

  8. You should be able to push your wordpress posts directly to Tumblr, so that it automatically happens. And Flickr can now push to Tumblr as well. Part of it is just me being lazy – the Tumblr microblog format is simple to use, and I can post a quick “you damn kids get off my lawn” rant with no effort.

    Really good for photos as well. I have lots of my original work there, and then stuff that I wish was my work.

    What’s your flickr? My account is expattexan – let me know yours and I’ll be your bestest photo buddy.


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