Fail #198,197,443

My friend and I go into the store and I’m told to grab some sort of soda. Fine. I grab a bottle of Coke because 1) it’s on sale and 2) I think, “hey, it’ll be great to have a Beam and Coke”.

We’ve done this several times, always with me having the same internal 2-point conversation. And despite the fact that the last couple of months have been amongst the more difficult in my life, I always forget to add alcohol.

1) I’m either very forgetful.
2) I’m a terrible alcoholic. Meaning, I forget to add the alcohol.

I’m going with the latter. If I’m going to fail at something (which is becoming an ever-more-popular occurence in my life), I may as well fail at something worth failing at. Dangling participle and all.


4 thoughts on “Fail #198,197,443

  1. I always got an A+ in failure! Some failures have been true blessings…so…may you fail at the bad things in life and exceed LOOONG time in good!!!

  2. Darlin’, if you gotta fail at something, alcoholism is a good one to start with. Of course I think I’m a failure at being an alcoholic, bein’ that I had my last drink about 26 and a quarter years ago. I’m pretty sure the “successful alcoholic dies drunk and miserable.

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