Stupid Things People Say

I love overhearing conversations when people have had a bit of alcohol or something to prime the pump.

True stories:

1) (In bathroom, quickly filling up with 20something women in tight dresses, one of which was white, with the woman wearing a veil covered in penises.) Damn. I just got my period! Guess I won’t be hooking up with hot strangers tonight for one last fling! Periods ruin all my fun!

2) “So, what’s the gayest thing you do?” asked clueless man #1. Gay Man replies, “You mean beyond blowin’ my husband? I guess it would have to be beating down clueless guys who ask me stupid questions.”

3) Crazy woman at bus stop, “Do you think I could convince the driver to take me further down the road so I don’t have to transfer and then walk to the mall?”

4) “Do you carry steak here?” obviously drunk/stoned guy to 7-11 clerk.

I love Las Vegas.


2 thoughts on “Stupid Things People Say

  1. I really do love hearing people say stupid things and watching them do even dumber shit. I can do it anywhere, but Vegas seems to loosen tongues and inhibitions

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