Cougarville? Me? WTF??!?!

There must be something in the air. Some weird “let’s make horny young guys chase the ‘cougar'” sort of chemical. What a weird fucking night.

My friend J hauled me out to a jam earlier and we were all prepared to listen to music and talk about her wedding plans. We hadn’t gone out in a while and we needed to catch up. I also knew we were meeting up with this bass player friend of her fiancee. Fine by me. Most of the people I know in town are musicians and we were going to a jam. I had no reason to believe the night would unfold as it did. Like, I never would have guessed that I’d end up having to push some young buck off of me.


Nothing like having a 25-year-old cutie to make an old broad feel good again.


Yeah. It’s just at some point, I felt like I had a puppy humping my leg.

Look, I appreciate a good flirt, but the full court press just ain’t my thing. And as cute as this guy was (and seriously, he was really good looking…like…CW teen angst drama good looking), I’m not gonna go further than flirting. He gets an A for effort though.

After the jam, my friend (who was the whole reason I went out in the first place) says she wants to grab some Roberto’s. Fine by me. But then the guy at the counter (who was also on the young side) is asking her all sorts of questions about me. “Is she single? Do you think she’d go out with me?” J’s giggling because they’re jabbering away in Spanish and it’s all Greek to me. I can pick out a few words but I’m not exactly fluent. So then J starts translating the conversation. WTF? Honestly, I must be putting out some weird pheromones or something because I don’t get that kind of attention. (If you saw J, you’d be asking wtf, too, cuz she’s young and gorgeous. SHE’S the one who commands attention everywhere.)

I don’t get what went on at all tonight. I’m not even gonna try to figure it out. All I know is that it was nice to have that sort of attention. Weird, though. Very. Bordering on “am I being Punk’d?”

WTF? I probably shouldn’t complain. It was funny. Weird, but funny. Yeah, well…

Now, if only that work on guys who were a bit older and more suited to the kind of relationship I want and need. Or men who would offer to make me a kept woman.

Still, hot, blond 25-year-old and a cute, young latino are welcome to flirt with me any time.


3 thoughts on “Cougarville? Me? WTF??!?!

  1. I don’t think I’d complain, either! LOL! But I bet you don’t look your age, either…

    Did the wads at GoDaddy ever get back to you?

  2. When my wife was driving the nighttime shuttle at Ga Tech, she would have some young, horny, and (usually) drunk students hit on her from time to time. She would proceed to tell them that #1, she had a son that was older than them, and #2, they had to ask permission from her husband (me) before they could go out with her. Good for chuckles.

  3. Pam, I think he was just really bad with math. At one point, he asked what year I graduated from high school (uh, try two years before you were born, dude) and then could only seem to figure I was in my late 30s. lol

    Dave, it is true that alcohol had been consumed and made him…er…braver. Still, I felt like a school teacher…”you really need to sit down. Don’t try so hard. Okay, hands to yourself. Nice boy. Here’s a gold star.” Gah.


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