Scorpions, A Very Bad Blogger, and The Job

I was punished for my absence but good. Walked into my friend’s house last night and stumbled upon my first scorpion (and tiny baby scorpion to boot).

Actually, I wasn’t really punished as much as I was surprised and angry because she can NOT have scorpions running about in her home. So I stuck a glass on top of it until she got home. It then took two of us to get it scooped up into an airtight container.

Look, I’ll rescue and relocate rattlers. I will kiss tarantulas. But I draw the line at scorpions. Especially ones dropping babies as we’re trying to avoid getting stung.

Blah blah blah. The really BIG news of the moment is that I have a new job as a full-time, live-in nanny for a sweet family and their beautiful little boy. I am very excited about this. Over the moon, in fact.

And with that, I should tell you that is back, what with being rescued by Jay and Pam. (Thank you, mi amigos!)

This will be my last post here and hopefully my first post back on my own domain will follow shortly. Oh hell, I’ll just post this there, too, and we’ll be on our way.