About Da Goddess

I am, for all intents and purposes, just another blogger. Da Goddess was a funny pseudonym handed out by some random friend about a million years ago. Some of you know my real name, most of you don’t. I try to keep it that way for a reason. (Don’t worry, I know the vast majority of you are very nice people who mean no harm. Some do, though.) I have been blogging since May 16, 2002, even if my archives don’t reflect some of those earlier years. Trust me, they’re around and will be grandfathered in at some point when I have more patience and plenty of Jack Daniels.

In addition to blogging, I write articles for a magazine or two (which you’ve probably never heard of or have any interest in). I’m also a freelance copy editor and photographer. I was once a nurse, but that’s not something I can do any longer, at least not in the capacity I did. I miss it. Life goes on, though.

I have a family. They’re quite nice, thankyouverymuch. There’s Mom, Dad, Big Sis, Bro-in-law, Little Sis, Uncle Lil Sis, Mojo (daughter), Little Dude (son). There are lots of friends who show up from time to time, too. I love them all. And they tolerate me. Most of the time.

Music is incredibly important in my life. Not just as some odd soundtrack (with my own theme song, of course!), but as amazing inspiration and motivation to do anything and everything. I like a wide variety of music, but I most love the Blues. I’m a blues junkie and I admit it freely. I don’t want any 12-step program; I have my 12-bar program already in place.

For those who truly want to get to know me, here are some “fun” facts:

  1. I am a Taurus.
  2. I love iced tea.
  3. I like ice water. Even in winter.
  4. I once had to scream for a job interview.
  5. I have been kissed by a kangaroo, helped raise a wallaby, a llama had a crush on me, and almost married a guy who worked with all these animals. I realized I loved the animals more than I loved him. I gave them all up.
  6. I was scratched by a mountain lion when I was 7 and I wasn’t afraid.
  7. I once had a babysitter who owned a raccoon.
  8. I would rather rescue and relocate a rattlesnake than kill it. And have.
  9. I like animals and they usually like me back.
  10. Rhinos and orangutans are two of my favorite animals.
  11. I started messing around with cameras when I was really little. I was pretty good for a kid, too.
  12. I got my first 35mm SLR when I was 11.
  13. I took my first photography class the summer between 5th and 6th grades.
  14. The teacher for that class later became my photography teacher in high school. He thought I had a good eye and told me that it was more important to trust my instincts than to rely on formulae for shooting.
  15. I used to develop my own negatives and print my own photos.
  16. I gave my first 35mm SLR to a boyfriend many years later and not long after that we broke up.
  17. I should have kept the camera and given him away.
  18. I’ve been engaged several times. Married only once.
  19. My grandfather used to play with Kay Kyser. My grandfather could play almost any instrument. He was talented.
  20. I used to play the organ.
  21. I used to play clarinet.
  22. I gave it up because my 6th grade band teacher would use my mouthpiece and reed to demonstrate how to play something and it grossed me out. He was gross.
  23. I took three guitar lessons and then realized my fingers were too short for the guitar.
  24. I do not sing in public.
  25. The only way I can carry a tune is in a plastic CD case.
  26. Several people have attempted to get me to sing for them, insisting I can’t be that bad. Oddly enough, only one has said “you ain’t too bad.” That was Rob, of Gut Rumbles fame, and he’s gone. I swear, it wasn’t my singing that did it.
  27. I have a mandolin. I think it’s the most beautiful of all instruments. Someday, I plan on learning to play the damn thing.
  28. My favorite numbers are 7, 9, 12, 21, 42.
  29. The most I’ve ever won gambling is $380. I don’t gamble often so there’s little chance of me besting that win.
  30. I grew up with a slot machine in the house.
  31. I used to go trash pickin’ with my folks. It was the 70s. Ohio. People put their “good” trash out near the “trash” trash so neighbors could dig through and pick what they wanted. It was easier than organizing a garage sale and the stuff was free.
  32. That might make me white trash. I don’t care.
  33. I used to go junkin’ for car parts with my dad. He restored old cars and I was his helper. I was the son he never had.
  34. Because of the way my dad cooked, I have to have my scrambled eggs cooked to the point of being scorched. Hey, it only takes one plate of runny eggs to make this girl throw up.
  35. I played softball for 10 years. I was good, too.
  36. I was the first person in my family to play organized sports. My sister was the second. Other than my daughter playing one season of girls’ basketball, the trend seems to have died off.
  37. Sports I’ll watch on TV: football. Maybe baseball. Occasionally, some Olympic something or other. Car racing, for those who believe racing is a sport, which I do.
  38. Sports I’ll never watch anywhere: basketball (if you can score that many points in a game, perhaps it’s too easy. They should add hurdles and other obstacles), golf, tennis, and just about anything else.
  39. Things I will never be able to do again but once enjoyed doing: bowling, horseback riding.
  40. I like being a mom.
  41. I like being a girl.
  42. Someday, when I grow up, I want to write and publish a book of stories and photographs. I might have to write more than one because I have a lot of stories to tell.

This list is subject to change at any time.

Comments to this site are always welcome, but I ask for common sense to prevail as well as common decency. I do not have to accept all comments and will delete as I see fit. My blog, my rules. That’s how we roll around here.

Now, feel free to help yourself to a beverage and some snacks. Make yourself comfortable. Don’t forget to tip your waiters and waitresses. I’ll be here…well, forever.


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