Chef, Forgive Me

I’m not eating a lot these days, as we’ve covered in the recent past. Between the teeth and the stomach, it’s not exactly high on my list. Although…sometimes I just get all starvy and have to have something. Like pasta or broccoli. Most of the time I simply give up on food itself and resort to cooking shows.

Currently, I’m all about Gordon Ramsay. Watching Kitchen Nightmares. Watching people get their asses kicked and their restaurants whipped back in shape. I like that.

When I worked in restaurants, I was the clean freak. I was the by-the-book cheerleadin’ “let’s do this thing!” worker. It’s just how I was. I liked the food to be good. I liked the place to be clean. And I liked knowing it was a place where I’d confidently eat.

I think shows like this are often successful because — aside from the f-bombs and attitudes — they are all about teaching stubborn people (as most of us are) to break bad habits and form better habits, create new paths for ourselves. In other words, Ramsay’s not just saving a restaurant, but helping people reignite their passion for life.

I kind of think my sister would be good like that as well. She used to do catering and is still the Holiday Meal Queen in our family. She’s extremely good in the kitchen and rarely do you have a dish come out of there that isn’t 100% deliciously perfect. It’s not just what she learned from my mom and my grandmother, it’s this extra little something that only she can adds to whatever she makes. It’s a little bit of magic, I think.

Anyhow, so as I’m watching Chef Ramsay do his thing, I wonder how it would be if he had a sidekick…like my sister. My sister can kick ass, too, but there’s also something about her that makes you just want to try harder. I think she’d be a natural on the show.

Think I should write ol’ Gordo and suggest it?